Amatsu Dungeon Quest

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  1. Speak to the Guard Soldiers in Amatsu (amatsu 164, 174). He will tell you not to enter the house. In there is the master's mother and she has been sick for several months.
  2. Now, go to the castle and find the Lord of Palace (ama_in02 200, 176) on the 4th floor. Tell him you heard his mother is sick. He will ask you to cure his mother.
  3. After this, head back outside and go to a boy named Kouji near the walls (amatsu 189, 165). Speak to him twice.
  4. Head North and go to the shrine (ama_fild01 174, 331).
  5. Talk to the NPC named Kitsune Mask (ama_in01 179, 173). He'll teach you how to get rid of the ghost.
  6. Go into the house in step 1 (amatsu 164, 174). Speak to her until the ghost leaves. If you fail to get rid of the ghost each time you talk to her then she will kick you out; just keep trying. When you succeed, you will see dead Nine Tails.
    • Note: It is possible to consecutively fail upwards of ~20x. If you talk to the small boy NPC Kouji again, he will mention the power of Acolytes, bears, and tigers.
    • Kitsune Mask NPC also mentions the power of animals.
    • The chance of successful exorcism may increase when having Holy Water and Bear's Footskin in your inventory.
  7. Talk to the Lord of Palace again. He'll thank you for your work, and give you a Feudal Lord Permit to the dungeon. The dungeon is located on the 5th floor. Simply walk up the ladder you see as you enter the 4th floor, and speak to the NPC waiting there, and he'll let you in.
    • Note: Do NOT try to use another character's Feudal Lord Permit to access the dungeon before or after doing the quest for yourself.
    • The guard at the dungeon entrance will realize that you are using a permit other than your own and take it.
    • It doesn't matter if you borrow a friend's permit or put one of your alternate character's permits into storage, the guard will take it regardless. This will leave you and the other character permitless.