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Base Class: Merchant
Job Type: 2-2
Race: Human
Job Change at: Aldebaran
Number of Skills: 15
Total Skill Points: 82
Total Quest Skills: 1
Total Bonus Stats
+5 +6 +3 +7 +9 +0

The Alchemist is a class which optimizes Potion Creation and Homunculus, as well as various other potion-related skills. They are a class which work for the benefit of their friends and strike terror into the hearts of their foes (armor).

Job Change Guide

1. Proceed to Al De Baran. The building in the southwest corner is the Alchemist Guild. Inside, talk to the Alchemist Guildsman (alde_alche 27, 185) to sign up to become an Alchemist. She will ask you for 50,000 Zeny and one of the following

Alche set1.PNG OR Alche set2.PNG

2. Once the player has finished registering, go downstairs to a star-shaped room. Head towards the second room on the right side wall to talk with Fastidious Alchemist, Rasputchin Gregory.

Bypassing: If the player is Job 50, they can skip this part of the exam. Go straight to the next step .

3. Fastidious Alchemist, Rasputchin Gregory (alde_alche 175, 107) will discuss ill-prepared Alchemists and then give a math oriented exam.


  • This exam consists of:
    • two (2) addition-subtraction questions
    • three (3) multiplication-division questions
    • two (2) questions pertaining to discount-overcharge, and
    • three (3) questions about the DEF and weight of certain items and armors.
  • The player will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to proceed.

Alche 1.PNG Alche 2.PNG

Discount Question
Alche q1.PNG

Weight Question
Alche q2.PNG

Defense Question
Alche q3.PNG

Profit Question

  • 5 Helms
  1. Standard price = 44,000z
  2. 24% discount = 33,440z
  3. 20% discount selling price = 35,200z
  4. Profit (35,200-33,440)*5 = 8,800z
  • 4 Padded Armor
  1. Standard price = 48,000z
  2. 24% discount = 36,480z
  3. 20% discount selling price = 38,400
  4. Profit (38,400-36,480)*4 = 7,680z
  • 3 Tights
  1. Standard price = 71,000
  2. 24% discount = 53,960
  3. 20% discount selling price = 56,800
  4. Profit (56,800-53,960)*3 = 8,520

Potion Creation

4. After passing the quiz, head to the next room, South and talk with Studying Man, Darwin (alde_alche 13, 15). He will explain the basics for creating potions.

Bypassing: Giving an Illusion Flower to Darwin by first selecting the flower option when initially speaking to him will send the player directly to the final NPC in honor of the bribe.


  • He will then ask questions regarding potion creation after he explains the process.
  • The answers are obvious as the incorrect answers are foolish comments like "dance around and flap your arms".
  • If you failed this part you need to repeat the process again including new materials.
  • Canceling the dialogue will also fail you and eat your materials.

The player will need the following items for this part:

  • 507.gif 1 Red Herb
  • 508.gif 1 Yellow Herb
  • 509.gif 1 White Herb
  • 713.png 3 Empty Bottle
  • 7134.png 3 Medicine Bowl (The 3 Medicine bowls can be bought upstairs from the male Alchemist NPC)

Mixture and Counteragent
5. Move to the next room to meet with Experiment Expert, Van Helmont (alde_alche 79, 19).

  • Note: It is not actually required that the player make Counteragents or Mixtures, the player just needs these items to do this part of the quest:
  • 1 Alcohol, 1 Detrimindextra, 1 Karvodailnirol, 2 pcs of Empty Bottle

  1. With Detrimindexta, Karvodailnirol and Alcohol in the inventory, go to Alberta. Enter the Manor near the top of the map (alberta 93, 202), and head to the second floor. Speak to Louitz (alberta_in 130, 54), found in the last room upstairs by the bookshelf. He will mention "Morgenstein".
    250px-Counteragent and Mixture Quest Louitz.jpg
  2. Head to Geffen, and talk with Aure Dupon (geffen 181, 114), located to the left of the east Kafra. He'll also refer to Morgenstein.
    250px-Counteragent and Mixture Quest AureDupon.jpg
  3. Enter the former Blacksmith Guild and head upstairs. Talk to Morgenstein (geffen_in 141, 140) at the third floor. After talking twice, he will offer to make a Counteragent or Mixture.
    250px-Counteragent and Mixture Quest Morgenstein.jpg

9. Head back to Al de Baran to talk with Experiment Expert, Van Helmont. He'll ask the player two questions pertaining what was just learned from the Dye quest. For reference:

Counter alche.PNG

Puzzle Quiz
10. In the next room Chief Researcher, Nicholas Flamel (alde_alche 145, 19) will give simple word puzzles which include unscrambling names and items in Ragnarok and other word related puzzles.

Alche set3.PNG

11. Once finished, talk to him again and he will give the following items which are needed for the following part of the quest.

  • 7068.png 5 Burnt Tree
  • 7043.png 5 Fine Sand
  • 974.png 1 Mixture
  • 757.png 3 Rough Elunium
  • 756.png 3 Rough Oridecon

12. Nicholas will tell the player to go meet Bajin (yuno_in01 100, 153) and Bain (yuno_in01 100, 157) in Juno.<p> <p>Before heading out, make sure to have the following items along with the items from Nicholas:

  • 1003.png 5 Coal
  • 612.png 5 Mini Furnaces
  • 2000 zeny

13. Head to Juno, and enter the building in the South-Western area (yuno 52, 105). Go upstairs to find two brothers. Give them all the items and they will attempt to make Gold. This experiment fails most of the time and the player will receive a variety of items from iron ores to gold depending on luck. You do not need to obtain a specific item. Any one attempt is enough to satisfy the requirement.

250px-Alche-Bajin.png 250px-Alche-Bain.png

14. After the experiment is complete, head back to Al De Baran and talk with Chief Researcher, Nicholas Flamel again. He will tell you to go upstairs.

Job Change

15. Head to the second floor of the Alchemist guild and talk to Master Alchemist with rainbow colored hair to change jobs.

  • If the player is Job 50, he/she will receive a Condensed Potion Creation Guide (240,000z).
  • If he/she chooses to change to Alchemist at any job level lower than 50, he/she will receive a random potion manual which are 100,000z each and sold by the male Alchemist on the ground floor.


Cart Revolution Build

  • STR: 70-90
  • AGI: 30-50
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1+
  • DEX: 50
  • LUK: 20-40

This build is centered around the Cart Revolution skill for AoEing groups of monsters at once. ASPD does help Cart Revolution spam rate, especially when pushing monsters against walls. Mammonite still provides high single target damage.

Tank/Aid Potion Healer Support Build

  • STR: 40+
  • AGI: 70+
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1+
  • DEX: 30-50
  • LUK: 20-40

Pure Homunculus Killer/AFKemist Build

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 90+
  • VIT: 90+
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 30-50 (for leveling up until getting a Homunculus)
  • LUK: 20-40

Acid Terror/Bomb build

  • STR: 80-90
  • AGI: 1+
  • VIT: 70-90
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 30-50
  • LUK: 20-40

This build is for rich players with a lot of funds that want to level faster.


  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 45
  • DEX: 85 or 99
  • LUK: 85 or 99

This has one of the highest success rates for Potion Creation, but requires a lot of leeching or a lot of AFKing with a Homunculus. LUK may be preferable to DEX as most Gypsies and Minstrels have high DEX but do not have any LUK. Thus, when Marionette Control is used with this build, the Alchemist will receive a significant boost in DEX from the Gypsy or Minstrel, and the Alchemist's own LUK will further increase success rates for brewing.

Homunculus System

The Homunculus is a pet that kills, supports, and does everything for its master. An Embryo, from which a Homunculus will be born, can be created via Prepare Potion with the following materials purchasable from the Al de Baran Material Seller, in the Alchemist guild (alde_alche 35, 179):

  • 7141.png Morning Dew of Yggdrasil
  • 7140.png Seed of Life
  • 7143.png Glass Tube
  • 7134.png Medicine Bowl
  • 7144.png Potion Creation Guide (not consumed)

Once an Embryo has been created (or purchased from another player), use the skill Call Homunculus to receive 1 of 4 types of Homunculus. The Homunculus received is random, and each type has two sprite variations. Much like Cute Pets, Homunculi need to be fed or they will leave their owner:


  • Amistr: Zargon
  • Filir: Garlet
  • Lif: Pet Food
  • Vanilmirth: Scell

Class Data


Alche skills.PNG

Homunculus Skill
Homun skills.PNG

Quest Skill

Skill Description Levels Types Job Req. Quest
Bioethics.png Bioethics Allows the learning of Homunculus Skills. 1 Passive N/A Bioethics Quest

Alchemist Quest Skill

Bioethics Quest

  1. Head to the Lighthalzen Main Office; it’s located in the 11 o'clock direction (lighthalzen 101, 246).
    • Then locate Rekenber Guard (lhz_in01 35, 225). Talk to him whilst wearing Geek Glasses and a Grampa Beard (both can be purchased in Lighthalzen Toy Shop) in order to gain access to the Bio-Life Lab.
  2. There will be 4 portals upon entering the Bio-Life Lab. Enter the 1 o'clock portal and locate Kellasus (lhz_in01 224, 140), talk to him until he finds you irritating.
  3. Locate Skrajjad (lhz_in01 225, 122), who is right below Kellasus. Talk to him, and he will request you locate Keshibien.
  4. Locate Keshibien (lhz_in01 204, 138), who is to the left of Kellasus. Talk to him, and he will ask you to find Broncher in Lighthalzen.
  5. Go to the Lighthalzen Restaurant, which is located right above the center Kafra (lighthalzen 159, 130).
    • In iRO its the Hotel enter the right portal which is a bar.
  6. Find Broncher (lhz_in02 278, 273) in the right room. Talk to him, and learn about the Homunculus.
  7. Return to Kellasus and speak with him. Tell him that you have learned the details of the Homunculus, and you will have to answer three of his questions.
    • The answers are:
      • Vaporize
      • Embryo
      • Homunculus Resurrection
      • (case sensitive, so dont forget capital letter.)
      • --- Not anymore *(euRO: "Sabbath", "Germination Breed" and "Homunculus Resurrection".)
  8. Find Kellasus' family specifically, his son Koring (lhz_in03 106, 34), and speak with them.
    • The house is in the 1 o'clock direction in Lighthalzen, right behind the Police Department (lighthalzen 250, 299).
  9. Return to Kellasus once again. Talk to him, and there should be a new option available: I want to talk about something else.
    • Then, proceed to talk to him until you have gained the Bioethics skill.